China Oyster Manufacturer

CP0015 Rhodium Plated Shell Style Cage Hook Earring
CE0051 Wholesale Rhodium Plated Lotus Style Wish Pearl Cage Pendent
NPS0025 Red Nugget Pearl Loose Strands 16 inches
PE0113 5-6mm White Button Pearl Earring with Sterling Silver Stud,Sell by Pair
EF0008 14K White Gold Earring Hook
RPS0152 16 inches 7-8mm AA+ High Luster White Round Pearl Loose Strand
PN0035 48 inches Peacock Green Nugget Pearl Long Chain Necklace
GB0013 8 inches Rhodium Plated Micky Mouse Style Chain Bracelet
PE0061 14-19mm White Raindrop Shell Pearl Earring with Sterling Silver Hook
PN0338 16 inches Natural Pink 5-6mm High Luster Rice Pearls Necklace and 7 inches Braided Bracelet Jewerly Set